Systers Communities

Systers Affinity Communities

Our affinity communities are those communities where Systers can identify themselves culturally to share and offer support in challenges within their communities.

Graph of groups listed below.

Underrepresented Women in Computing

A community created by and for underrepresented (Women of Color, Hispanic/Latina, Native American, and Disabilities) women in computing with a mission of promoting their representation and success in computing related fields.

Latinas in Computing

Latinas in Computing community is a community created by and for Latinas in Computing with a mission of promoting their representation and success in computing related fields. As a double minority, including the self-limiting beliefs that interfere with our ability to excel and establish ourselves as leaders in the Computing community and given the great resemblances among the experiences of the participants in this event, Latinas in Computing established as its first goal to define key strategies to promote leadership and professional development among current and next generation of Latinas.

Black Women in Computing

A community created to provide support, resources and to increase the number of black women in computing related fields.

African Women in Computing

AfricanWiC provides a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of African women in the areas of STEM and technology innovation. Provide exposure to role models for African girls in the area of technology.

Native American Women in Computing

There are very few Native American women in computing and this community provides support, inspiration, mentoring, and resources to those in need of support in this field.  NAWiC community will include tribes across the Americas.

LGBTQ-A in Computing

LGBTQ in Computing is an international community created in 2006 for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer from academia, industry, and government labs. We welcome people from all areas of computing and “A”llies. The forum seeks to provide an area for collaboration where we can share experiences, resources, and a place to connect with one another.

Turkish Women in Computing

Turkish Women in Computing seeks to address questions of interest to females of Turkish decent. Sharing of experiences is encouraged in a mentor-like atmosphere. It is a place to connect and network, to learn and to grow.

Arab Women in Computing

Arab Women in Computing was created from the regional collaborative on Women in Computing in the Arab World with NYU Abu Dhabi. The purpose of the group is to reach all Arab women in computing around the globe to convene in this community to engage and inspire each other in computing fields.

Asian Women in Computing

This community aims to encourage Asian women stay in the technical field, provide network opportunity for Asian women and help people advance their career by conquering culture barriers in the western world.

Indian Women in Computing

This community hopes to support Indian Women in computing and technology to be successful by offering guidance and mentoring.

Filipinas in Computing

This community was created to bring together Filipina women interested in, work in or studying in areas of computing or STEM. Our goal is to promote the existence of this demographic group and to celebrate their success in this industry.

Chinese Women in Computing

The goal of Chinese Women in Computing is to connect all Chinese women in computer science and technical field around the world together, and bring the positive impact of systerhood to help each other stay in the field, achieve more and make bigger impact.

Vietnamese Women in Computing

The goal of Vietnamese Women in Computing is Females with Vietnamese heritage who have a computing degree, computing career, or are interested in either of the previous two.


Systers Spain is a community for women in computing in or from Spain to support each other, share resources and discuss issues related to women in computing specifically in Spain. Conversations are in Spanish to create a comfortable environment for all participants.