Pass-It-On Award Recipients

Ester L.

2008 Systers Pass-It-On Award Winner

Project Title:

BSc in Information Systems and Network Engineering

Project Description:

Ester has been accepted into undergraduate studies for a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems and Network Engineering at the St. Joseph College of Engineering in Tanzania.  Ester is the only female in her family or her village who has ever applied for this level of education, engineering studies.  After receiving support from Systers Pass-it-on Awards, Ester will pursue this degree and will be among the few women who have reached the university level in Tanzania. Upon graduation, Ester will be able to help other women in providing education, supporting women’s organizations, fighting against discrimination, and many other cultural, political, social, financial, and environmental challenges. Her Systers Pass-it-on Award will fund her first year of studies.