2017 Board of Trustees Student Nominations


Do you know or are you a student who is interested in promoting our mission and supporting women technologists? Submit a Student Nomination for the Anita Borg Institute Board of Trustees! Two student members serve on our Board to help us cultivate the next generation of nonprofit board leaders while also helping us connect, inspire, and guide women in technology. Learn more about how you can nominate a student (or yourself) for this position.

Students Gain:

  • Practical experience to help them better understand strategic and tactical issues facing nonprofit boards
  • Insight into the differing roles of Board members and the Anita Borg Institute’s executive team and the challenges both parties encounter in driving our success
  • Inspiration to contribute as future Board members in the nonprofit sector

The Anita Borg Institute Gains:

  • Different perspectives and richness from a broader demographic range
  • Community outreach into universities and increasing the Board’s circle of contacts
  • Next generation of leaders committed to our mission

Expectations of Students

  • Serve a two year term that begins September 1 and ends August 31 of the second year
  • Attend three board meetings a year; two in the Bay Area and the third at Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Join one Board committee
  • Resign your membership by August 31 of the second year

Nominating Process

We will post a call for student nominations four to five weeks before nominations close. Please feel free to nominate yourself. We accept nominations from both grad and undergrad students, as well as from both men and women, with a slight preference for women.

Submit your nomination to the Board Administrator using the Student Nomination Form.

Nominate Now

If you have already submitted a nomination form but still need to submit a curriculum vitae, letter of recommendation, candidate statement, fill out the Individual Submissions Form.

A committee comprised of selected members of the Anita Borg Institute’s academic community (typically former student board members) will review and evaluate all nominations. Our Executive and Nominating & Corporate Governance Committees will select one student to present to the Board. The Board will formally vote to elect the student for a term of two years.

See the timeline below for important dates and more details.


April 12 The Anita Borg Institute’s CEO distributes a call for student nominations to the Trustees, Advisory Board, selected members of the academic community. We also post this call in our newsletter, webpage, and social media.

You may nominate yourself.

May 19 Close date for student nominations
May 24 – June 7 Academic review of nominations
June 16 Nominations sent to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee for review
June 30 Committee selects the top three (3) candidates and selects the interview team
July 5 Interview team interviews the three candidates and makes its recommendation for student board member
July 24 One (1) student is chosen to join the Board at the Joint Executive/Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Meeting based on the recommendation
July 28 Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Chair will notify the chosen student’s nominator. Once nominator is notified, the chair and our CEO ask the student to join the Board for a term starting September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2019
October 6 Board formally votes to elect a student for a term of two (2) years

Please contact Leslie Wilkinson if you have any questions.