ABI’s Top Companies for Women Technologists measures gender diversity in technical workforces. We compare companies to each other and industry standards to give companies deeper insight into their efforts to hire, retain and advance women technologists. We recognize the company with the highest score on the main stage at the Grace Hopper Celebration in October. All participants will receive recognition for their commitment to measuring and advancing their technical workforce.

At this time, we are measuring U.S.-based employees only. Companies can be headquartered elsewhere, but we measure only their U.S. workforce. We hope to expand to other countries in the future.

Our instructions include this general information, definitions and metric explanations. Please review all three sections before submitting your data.

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Join leading companies and participate to:

  • Gain insights about your workforce, what you’re doing well and where you can improve through our rigorous methodology and our evaluative report.
    • Premium packages include phone calls to discuss these reports in depth.
  • Understand where you are in relation to other organizations.
  • Increase your visibility as a company dedicated to diversity and inclusive technical teams.

General Information

Each year we announce a winner — the company that has the highest overall score, but Top Companies is about more than just naming a winner. In 2015, we introduced the Leadership Index, comprised of those companies who score above the mean. This year, we will also be acknowledging all those who participated with the inclusion of the Change Alliance because it’s important to recognize all those committed to making change.

As part of your package, you will receive customized analysis and feedback with unique benchmarking information, comparing your company’s performance with the aggregate performance of all other participants. If you upgrade and purchase a Premium Package, you will also have a phone call with one of our staff members to go over your report in detail.


ABI will recognize the winner on the main stage at the 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston, TX in October. The award-winning company must send its CEO or a C-level technical executive to accept the award. Additionally, we will recognize the winner through press releases, profiles on our website and media outreach. The winning company will receive a special badge to use on its websites and collateral.

ABI will coordinate with the winning organization on the award presentation and outreach.

Leadership Index and Change Alliance

All participants will be recognized on our website for their commitment to measuring what matters. They will also receive a badge to use on their websites and collateral.

ABI will distribute a press release announcing the Leadership Index prior to announcing the winner in October.

Security and Confidentiality

We take reasonable steps to maintain the security and confidentiality of the application data as described in the Top Companies Non-Disclosure Agreement, which companies must accept to participate.

Data from each company will be anonymized and aggregated with information from other participants. Individual data will not be shared nor linked to company identifiers in any way, either publicly or in the confidential, customized reports. Peer benchmarking data will only be shared in aggregated form, and only to the extent that the data can be sufficiently anonymized. Results summarized in the reports for each company are released solely to the company’s primary contact and executive sponsor.

We will list companies on the Leadership Index and Change Alliance alphabetically in the confidential reports and publicly on the ABI website or in marketing or other materials. Companies will be notified of their status prior to public announcement.

Requirements to Participate

Type of company

Your company can be publicly or privately held companies, including foreign-based companies and autonomous subsidiaries. You must have at least 150 technical employees in your U.S.-based workforce. To ensure the statistical rigor of our analysis, only companies with at least 25 employees (men or women) at the senior level will be eligible for the award or Leadership Index.

Geographical scope of workforce

Data submitted should reflect numbers for technical employees in the U.S. only, regardless of where the company is headquartered and not include temporary staff members that are contracted through a third-party agency or through the company directly.

Applying Online

You need to register and submit your data through our secure application site. Our system will create a confidential login and a password for you. You do not need to have all the required data ready at the same time as you can save your entry and return to finish later.

New applicants

If this is your first time participating, you need to register online and provide information for a primary contact and your company’s executive sponsor.

Returning applicants

If you are a returning company, you can login using your existing information. You can obtain a new password from the application site if you have misplaced your old one.

Cost of Participation

We offer two participation packages. ABI Partners, please note that the Premium Package is included in your partnership.

  • Basic Package ($500): Includes a Basic Report with your results, delivered online.
  • Premium Package ($3600): Includes a Premium Report with your results and analysis, and a 45-minute call with an ABI staff member to review.

You can pay for your package by credit card through our online portal. If you are not able to pay with a credit card, you will have an opportunity to request an alternate payment method.

Certification and Submission

To certify your data is correct, we have a three-step process for submission

  • Enter data in all information fields
  • Validate your data
  • Review summary of your application.

You can edit your data at any point before submitting. We also ask that your executive sponsor review all data for veracity.

Occasionally, you may have data questions that need to be resolved. We will work with your primary contact and executive sponsor to resolve such questions. If your company is unable to submit data, ABI may be unable to evaluate your submission or consider your company for recognition.

If there is a change in staffing during this process, please contact us to protect the confidentiality of your data. We will contact only the primary contact and executive sponsor with questions and the custom report.

If you are ready to move forward with your application, review our definitions to begin mapping your workforce.