Are you a Professional in the Indian Tech industry? Participate in our Research Study!

Research  conducted by Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B)

ABI India and IIM-B will undertake an in-depth study in India called Climbing the Technical Ladder. The research is sponsored by Microsoft India and will focus on understanding the factors that help technical professionals (both men and women) succeed in the technology sector.

Previous research and first-hand experiences show that high-tech companies need a diverse workforce to be successful and leverage creative thinking and different work styles. Gender diversity among teams fuels problem-solving and innovation – which are the driving force of technology. The study will uncover the backgrounds and motivational factors that help to attract, retain and inspire employees in technology organizations in India.

Your response as professionals (men and women) in the technology sector is important as it will provide authentic and deep insights in an area which currently has no comprehensive information. Please participate. You can begin the research survey by clicking on the link below

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Important: All information provided by the respondents will be strictly confidential and used solely for research purposes.

This survey can be taken by both men and women professionals, who are currently working with technology companies. Please note: This research does not include professionals working in support functions such as marketing, finance, HR, facilities, security, learning and development and others at technology companies. All others are welcome to participate.

More about the research

Climbing the Technical Ladder will focus on the current gender diversity situation among technology companies in India and will address the issue of attraction, retention and advancement of women in the technical ladder. The research has a special focus on the following areas:

  • What are the barriers to the retention and advancement of women in technology?
  • How can companies secure their investments by retaining female technical talent across all levels in the company (entry to leadership positions)?

The report from this research will provide organizations an opportunity to understand and improve their policies, practices and work culture. This study also aims to act as a catalyst and offer a comprehensive platform to initiate an effective dialogue to grow the careers of women in technology.

Special offer for organizations

Companies that are able to provide more than 500 responses from a balanced number of men and women  professionals in their organization can request a company specific report from this study.

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