Women are greatly underrepresented in the technical field– we measured a 50% decline in the representation of women from entry level to executive level. Top Companies recognizes companies that create workplaces where women technologists can thrive.

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About Top Companies

The program provides participating companies with feedback on their progress and helps women technologists find organizations committed to their success. We offer additional insights beyond the high level data many companies release publicly each year.

2015 Leadership Index

In 2015, we were excited to announce the Leadership Index and the Change Alliance, in addition to the award winner. Those companies on the Leadership Index scored above the mean, and our index recognizes them as leaders of change in the tech industry. Participants on the Change Alliance demonstrate their commitment to changing the ratio through accountability and measurement.


Our rigorous methodology holds companies accountable and measures key indicators in three critical areas: representation, employee experience and programs and policies.


Submissions to participate in Top Companies open March 9, 2016. It is important to review these instructions early, so you are clear on our definitions and use of metrics. Get started on your submission today!