ABIE Award for Leadership

The Leadership ABIE Award recognizes a woman who has served in a significant leadership role in advancing technology, with a strong focus on increasing women’s representation and success in the field. Unlike the Technical Leadership award, nominees do not need to have a technical background.

Women recognized have included the leader of a team of computer scientists, interaction designers, human factors engineers and social scientists who has fundamentally altered the way products are designed so that they are centered on people’s needs, the first female fellow at a major technology company, and the Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, who organized and motivated a massive, worldwide collective of employees and volunteers to launch the Firefox browser.

The award includes a prize of $7,000.

Meet our 2016 Winner.


  • January 25, 2017: Nominations open
  • March 8, 2017 5 p.m. PDT: Deadline to submit nominations

Selection Criteria

  1. Leadership: nominee has demonstrated leadership in the technology industry that extends beyond the scope of their position
  2. Impact: nominee has leveraged leadership to increase women’s impact, representation, and effectiveness in technology
  3. Established track record: nominee’s overall accomplishments; consider the breadth, depth, and sustained nature of her work as a leader
  4. Award would make a difference: consider two factors: 1) how much would receiving the award positively affect the nominee and her career? 2) How much would the recognition of the nominee as a role model and mentor by her having received the award positively affect the community of technical women?
  5. Recognized role model: nominee is recognized as a role model by her community or more broadly; she may have been recognized formally or not.

Meet our ABIE Award Selection and Nomination Committee members.