The Anita Borg Institute recognizes the accomplishments of women in computing, and the organizations that recognize their value, through a variety of awards.

Top Companies for Women Technologists

The Top Company for Women in Computing initiative is unique program that helps companies measure the gender diversity of their technical workforce against industry standards and peer benchmarks.

Telle & Maria Klawe

Women of Vision ABIE Awards

Thousands of women throughout the world are leading technological innovation. The Anita Borg Institute has created a set of awards to honor these distinguished women and those who view technology innovation as a strategic imperative. The Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision ABIE Awards, hosted by the Anita Borg Institute Board of Trustees, honors women... Read more »

GHC ABIE 2014 winners

Grace Hopper Celebration ABIE Awards

At the Anita Borg Institute, we celebrate and highlight the success of women technologists. Through their achievements and life stories, the ABIE Award winners demonstrate that each of us has the power to improve our world, individually and collectively. We are inspired by the award winners’ examples, moved by their sacrifices, and stirred by their... Read more »

ABI Board of Trustees Student Nominations

The Anita Borg Institute board of trustees includes two student members. The purpose is twofold:  It cultivates the next generation of nonprofit board leaders while providing a valuable service to the Trustees and the Institute. The program was created in response to student interest in the Institute and ABI’s growing need for student members to... Read more »


GHC Scholarship Grants

GHC Scholarship Grants enable students and faculty, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). At GHC you can connect with other women in computing and innovative organizations, hear stories from peers and experts in computing, and get quality career advice specific to your needs. Undergraduate, graduate students and... Read more »