ABI Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of distinguished technology professionals from industry and academia, dedicated to ABI’s mission to connect, inspire and guide women in the field of computing.

Robin Abrams

Board Member
FactSet, HCLTechnologies, Sierra Wireless and Lattice Semi-Conductor

Aditya Agarwal

Vice President, Engineering

Vijay Anand

Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Intuit India Development Center

Nicole Anasenes

Chief Financial Officer

James Beck

CPA & CMA, Managing Director and COO
Mayfield Fund

Treasurer, Vice President and Corporate Secretary
Anita Borg Institute

Francine Berman

Edward P. Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Computer Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Board Chair
Anita Borg Institute

Diana Bersohn

Managing Director

Colin Bodell

Mark Bregman

Senior Vice President and CTO
Net App

Joy Chik

Distinguished Engineer and Partner Engineering Director of Enterprise Client and Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Division
Microsoft, Inc.

Debi Coleman

General Partner
Rainy Day Productions LLC

Ashley Conard

Ph.D. Candidate
Brown University

Graduate Research Fellow

Nancy E. Cooper

Retired Executive Vice President and CFO
CA Technologies

Nora Denzel

Ericsson Board Member
Retired Senior Vice President

Big Data, Intuit

Vice Chair
Anita Borg Institute

Alan Eustace

Former Senior Vice President of Knowledge

Aicha Evans

Corporate Vice President and Platform Engineering Group General Manager
Intel Communication and Devices Group

Jen Fitzpatrick

Vice President of Engineering

Anne Hardy

Vice President Development Culture

Kathy Hill

Retired Senior Vice President
Cisco Systems

Barbara Holzapfel

Chief Marketing Officer

Leah Jamieson

John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering and Ramsburg Distinguished Professor
Purdue University

Tracy S. Keogh

Executive Vice President
Human Resources


Hilary Mason

CEO and Founder
Fast Forward Labs

Dorothy Nicholls

Vice President
Amazon Web Services (AWS) User Experience

Pankaj Patel

Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Brian Pawlowski

Vice President and Chief Architect
Pure Storage

Ana Pinczuk

Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer

Natalia Rodriguez

Software Engineer Indicative

Lisa Schlosser

Chief Technology Officer
Findlaw, Thomson Reuters

Mike Schroepfer

CTO and Vice President of Engineering

Kevin Scott

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations

Angela Tucci

Agile Management, CA Technologies

Marie Wieck

GM, Cloud Integration

Telle Whitney

President and CEO
Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

Board Emeritis

Linda Bernardi

(Term: 1996 – 2006)

Penny Herscher

(Term: 2003 - 2013)

Maria Klawe

(Term: 1996-2011)

Greg Papadopoulos

(Term: 1996-2006)

Bill Unger

(Term: 2003–2012)

India Council

Our India Council is comprised of leaders from the technology sector in India.  They advise us on the unique needs of the region and the local community.

Aparna Gupta

Managing Director, India
FirstRain, Inc

Geetha Kannan

Managing Director
Anita Borg Institute India

Kalpana Margabandhu

Consultant and Director (Retd), India CIO Lab and BT/IT Location Executive
IBM India

Prof S Sadagopan


Sharad Sharma

Governing Council Member and Co-founder

BrandSigma, Inc.

Kumud Srinivasan

President, Intel India
Intel Corporation

Hema Gopal

Vice President
Tata Consulting Services

Vijay Anand

Vice President
Intuit India

Anita Borg Institute India Council

Dr. Gopichand Katragadda

Tata Sons

Mr. Harkesh Kumar Mittal

Adviser, Member Secretary
National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB)