We envision a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies they build it for.

Lydia Kavraki

Individual Spotlight

Lydia Kavraki, Technical Leadership ABIE Award Winner

Lydia Kavraki is dedicated to helping women of all ages — from K-12 students to young faculty members — gain a foothold in computer science.

ABI.Delhi Networking Reception

Community Spotlight

Why Do We Need an ABI.Local Chapter in Delhi-NCR?

ABI.Delhi-NCR leader, Aparna Gupta, explains why it is important to have a local community for women technologists in India's Northern Capital Region.


Partner Spotlight

What It Means to Partner with the Anita Borg Institute

What does it mean to be an ABI Partner? Learn all about the incredible impact our partners have in helping to advance women in the technology industry.

About Anita Borg

Anita Borg combined technical expertise with a fearless vision to inspire, motivate and move women in technology. She touched and changed the lives of countless women in the fields of computing and beyond. Her example and advocacy caused many women to join the technical revolution – not just as bystanders but as active participants and leaders.